Please note, in the Enhanced Zone, you can find a much wider range of streamed relaxation and mindfulness tracks including with or without music backgrounds, male or female voices, shorter or longer versions, and other bonus relaxation tracks.

You can also access these from the app. There is also a ‘Leaves in the stream’ video relaxation film and links to music that I think is especially relaxing.


Find out more by clicking the links below:


This tells you about all the tracks and how to get the best out of them. Make sure you listen to this the first time you use this page. You should only have to listen to this once.

Quick Relaxation

Once you learn to do the quick relaxation, try to relax yourself without having to listen to the tracks.

Belly Breathing

You should start off using Belly Breathing (described in Session 2).

Mindful Breathing

In Session 6, we add mindfulness to the belly breathing.

Deep Relaxation

The idea with progressive relaxation, described in Session 2, is that you learn Deep Relaxation first, then, once you get good at it, progress to Quick Relaxation.

Leaves in The Stream

This is another mindfulness track you will find out about in Session 6. You learn that thoughts are just thoughts and that you can simply let them go by imagining placing them on a leaf and letting them float away.