Relaxation & Mindfulness

Relaxation is a very personal thing – what suits one person doesn’t suit another. So, in the Enhanced zone, you can access a much greater range of relaxation and mindfulness tracks to let you decide what works best for you. You can also choose between a male or female voice. The male voice versions are provided by Dr Jim White, creator of Stress Control and the female voice versions are provided by Dr Ruth Jamieson, Clinical Psychologist. There are video relaxation options and links to relaxing music tracks chosen by Dr Jim White.

These table shows you what tracks are available the Free and Enhanced zones.




Belly Breathing

Full belly breathing (voice-only)

Full belly breathing (music background)

Full belly breathing (music background) (Ruth)

Short belly breathing

Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation (voice-only)

Deep relaxation (music background)

Deep relaxation (music only)

Quick Relaxation

Quick relaxation (voice-only)

Quick relaxation (music background)

Quick relaxation (music only)

Mindful breathing

Full mindful breathing (voice-only)

Full mindful breathing (background music) (Jim)

Full mindful breathing (background music) (Ruth)

Quick mindful breathing (voice-only) (Jim)

Quick mindful breathing (music background) (Jim)

Quick mindful breathing (music background) (Ruth)

Music only

Leaves in the stream

Leaves in the stream (voice-only)

Leaves in the stream (voice-only) (Jim)

Leaves in the stream (voice-only) (Ruth)

Leaves in the stream (background music) (Jim)

Leaves in the stream (background music) (Ruth)

Music only

Video version (Jim)

Video version (Ruth)

Video only

Bonus tracks

Body Scan (music background) (Jim)

Floating visualisation (music background) (Jim)

Links to relaxing music

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